Excellence in Made in Italy


Italian Taste for You
it is a multiservice platform divided into 28 autonomous elevations

selecting companies to provide quality service.


ITALIAN TASTE FOR YOU Born from the idea of ​​wanting to bring Made in Italy excellences all over the world. Each elevation is reserved for a sector or commercial category and companies are researched on the basis of global market trends in the luxury segment, a very large market niche which is currently demanding an excellent MADE IN ITALY product.

Thanks to this innovative platform, everything will be even easier, with a single "click" you can be seen online all over the world. The project aims to highlight the artisan and productive fabric by combining it with Tourism and the Territory in terms of excellence. We are in fact selecting the best companies in the Italian territory divided for each product category in different production levels from crafts to industry, trade, services, etc ... Professionalism, quality, availability, cleanliness and friendliness are just some of the parameters that we use to recognize the excellence of the companies registered and to assign them the quality certificate displayed on the platform.

The purpose of the platform is to raise the economy of small and medium-sized Italian companies by creating a nationwide network that is very visible worldwide. The development forecast from ing Sandro Militello Owner & Founder of

Italian Taste For You at the head of the project.


There are many advantages to being registered and valued with the multi-service platform:


Already in the first months of experimental start-up of the activity it was possible to test the enormous potential of visualizations, contacts and commercial initiatives that the search engine is able to follow and define on behalf of connected parties, reaching over 6 million in a few months. 200 thousand unique IP views. It follows that publishing their contents in the ITALIAN TASTE FOR YOU platform means increasing the indexing of their site.


Currently the platform is connected to 192 search engines and 195 social networks, as well as a COUPON platform that allow subscribers to use share, mailing, sync newsletters and much more, making information and offers arrive in a viral and exponential way in Worldwide.


The project also includes B2B events that allow the meeting of Italian companies with foreign operators looking for our products or our services. They are frequently organized for the individual sectors to which they belong, which will be more and more closed and reserved only for companies registered in the platform.


Our computer scientists, our graphic designers and web masters are able to create your website according to your needs, from the simplest to the most elaborate requests, designing your site from the ground up so that it is not only beautiful but ABOVE ALL VISIBLE POSITIONING SEO & SAM in search engines.


It is possible to request our consultancy both in IT and in the commercial field to improve the performance of your website, or to reach foreign operators, identify new market niches and reach your new potential customers. The consultancy developed by us also operate on the basis of statistics that allow us to identify in advance new trends and sales trends, in order to be able to manage the individual productions in times, ways and optimal characteristics with respect to the time considered. This is because with the platform has developed a specific sales algorithm that prepares and displays those that are the needs of the markets of reference divided by country, age group and interest.