Our history


ITFY is a platform divided into different elevations, each containing a specific sector that represents the excellence of Made in Italy.


Italian excellence - the most sought after abroad - is offered in a simple and transparent way, carefully selected and periodically verified by officials in charge of the work. The artisanal and productive fabric combined with tourism is highlighted after a careful selection of the best companies in the Italian territory. The purpose of the platform is to revive the economy of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises, creating a national network to be presented abroad.

The foreign customer needs a reference point to which he can rely to buy Italian and Italian Taste For You products, carefully selects the excellence of Made in Italy and proposes it at 360 degrees.

Italian Taste For You, is not only a showcase, but also provides each company with a control panel through which they can best describe their product by promoting business; has great technological potential and efficient and adequate tools to achieve the goal, namely to attract the attention of customers and foreign companies.

With the support and patronage of Tourism Promotion Associations, Hotel Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Industrial Association, National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises, Confcommercio and Industrial Association, Italian Taste For You has already presented the project at the offices of Confindustria Rovigo and Venice, in the Chambers of Commerce of Verona and Vicenza, at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice in the marketing section and continues to promote it daily throughout the Italian peninsula.

Currently the platform - unique in its kind, capable of promoting operators from various commercial sectors globally, making use of customers from all over the world - is connected to 192 search engines and 195 social networks that allow you to use shares, mailings and newsletters. , synchronizations and much more, sending information virally and exponentially all over the world.

Italian Taste For You uses tourism (in all its facets - medical tourism, commercial tourism, religious tourism, shopping tourism .. etc.) as a flywheel to do business. The engine behind each sector within the platform is powered by tourism.
Italian Taste For You uses a guarantee certificate that it delivers to companies present within the Platform, with which it certifies the excellence of Made in Italy.