Thank you for taking the time to contact us. At present we are receiving dozens of emails every day from fellow professionals introducing their services.  We do read all the emails we receive and those that are deemed relevant/suitable are put in front of me every few weeks.  I appreciate this is not ideal, but it is the only efficient way we can administer it given our core focus has to be the events we are currently producing. I hope the following will prove useful and will help you understand both how we work and how we refer our clients to suppliers and services who might be a good fit with us and them:

We work exclusively in the luxury events arena and with high net worth individuals. The service, product or venue you are introducing needs to have reflected this. This does not preclude you if you do not have experience working in the luxury market, so long as your service, product or venue is suitable (I am very keen on promoting growing, competent and credible businesses in our sector and raising standards). Please trust that my team and I are pretty good at spotting who would be a good fit with us, our clients and the other great suppliers we work with. Crucially, I also talk to fellow industry colleagues and we share information - so if you are talked about we will get to hear of you. The vast majority of the venues, individuals, services and companies we work with have been introduced by word of mouth. I cannot stress how important it is to know and accept (there is evidence based data) that word of mouth is the number one way the luxury wedding market generates referrals.

Whatever your product or service, if you have grabbed our attention and made it easy for us to view your website we will likely do so.  But your website is also the first place we would send a client. It therefore needs to reflect the exclusive market we work in: a well designed, informative, navigable and ideally price transparent website will appeal to us and our clients. Professional imagery is a prerequisite. Testimonials are always an advantage - we and our couples are always eager to know your clients consistently highly rate you. And we are being judged by our clients on the quality of the referral, so if your website let you down it might be that you did not make it onto our database.

Ours is a small, bespoke wedding and event planning service; the calibre of client we work with means they are demanding of our attention so we limit the number of events on our books at any one time to a small number. Please do not be concerned if you do not hear back from us for a long time.  When something or someone looks interesting it/they get added to the database automatically. If you have been added to the database we do not know now when, or if, we might want or need to contact you.

EVENT PLANNING PARTNERS & FREELANCE PRODUCERS We no longer work with overseas event planners/partners; our own team is diverse and multi-lingual. We occasionally use local fixers, but their roles at the events we produce are limited. Similarly we no longer use freelancers in senior production roles as we have a large enough event team in-house.

Many enquiries are seeking an appointment; it would be impossible for us or me to see even a small percentage of everyone who asks. In most cases it is not initially necessary for you to get on our database. If you are on the database and we are considering using you, we will at some point contact you (and prior to that we are likely to have asked around to see what colleagues know about you).

Lastly, my staff have been directed not to respond to emails or telephone calls from suppliers who try and skirt around this procedure. This is simply because as well as being busy, we need to be fair and facilitate an efficient method of ensuring I do have the time to look at every new introduction from those who take the time and trouble to contact us.

I genuinely appreciate you approaching us to introduce yourself and the service, product or venue you represent. Thank you for the compliment of considering we are a company you would like to work with.