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Le origini del Salumificio Verza risalgono ai primi del ‘900, quando il mitico nonno Antonio detto “Verza” era solito macellare bovini e suini allevati nella valle.
Tale antenato aveva l’abitudine di conservare le carni in una grotta riempita dalla neve e dal ghiaccio che lui stesso trasportava sul suo carretto salendo sull’altipiano dei Fiorentini.

Sempre con lo stesso mezzo girava poi per i paesi vicini vendendo i suoi prodotti al dettaglio.
Sulla scia di questa tradizione famigliare di macellai iniziata a Velo d’Astico, il giovane Antonio Toniolo nel 1968 fonda, utilizzando il soprannome della famiglia, il rinomato Salumificio Verza.

Oggi la Verza Salumi è una realtà imprenditoriale frutto di un marchio molto conosciuto che in tutti questi anni ha saputo mantenere inalterata
la passione, la tradizione e la qualità dei propri salumi, attraverso una attenta selezione delle carni, l’utilizzo di budelli naturali, piante aromatiche, spezie naturali e soprattutto una lenta stagionatura.
Questi sono i valori e la filosofia che ci sono stati tramandati e che noi vogliamo tramandare alle generazioni future.


The origins of Salumificio Verza date back to the early 1900s, when legendary grandfather Antonio, known as “Verza”, used to butcher cattle and pigs bred in the valley.

This ancestor would preserve the meat in a cave filled with the snow and ice that he himself would collect on his cart from up on the Fiorentini highlands.

Then using this same means of transport, he would travel around the nearby villages selling his products to his customers.

Following this family tradition in the butcher’s trade which began in Velo d’Astico, in 1968 the young Antonio Toniolo founded Salumificio Verza, adopting his family’s nickname for the company.
Today Verza Salumi is a business reality, resulting from a well-known brand, and in all these years it has known how to maintain the same passion, tradition and quality of its cured meat products thanks to a careful selection of the meat, the use of natural casings, herbs, natural spices and, above all, a slow maturing technique.
These are the values and the philosophy that have been handed down to us and that we, in our turn, wish to hand down to future generations.


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La Verza Salumi has always been a constantly evolving brand and always attentive to food intolerances, and now offers a new line of products "without added preservatives" to guarantee the consumer of increasingly high quality standards.

Naturally, these cured meats are also free of: sugars, allergens, gluten, milk and milk-based products.

The Salame Famiglia Verza WITHOUT ADDED PRESERVATIVES is bagged in natural casing and processed according to the same characteristics as Sopressa but with a smaller diameter, it is usually consumed young starting from a 45-day maturing process.

The meat is first cubed, ground with a plate having 6 mm holes. and gently blended with the use of a kneading machine, making sure that the dough does not lose its consistency because this would suffice to jeopardize all the subsequent stages.

Salame, like all the others ns. products, during the maturing phase, develops a typical white-green noble mold that protects the product and preserves its characteristics even in medium or long seasoning.

Consumed with a short maturation this salami gives the typical taste of fresh meat, if seasoned instead develops a more aromatic component.

Produced according to tradition with the best cuts of pork meat, strictly 100% Italian.

We are among the few sausage factories left to produce cured meats without the use of sugars.

Sugars are basically seasoning accelerators, they allow to have products ready in shorter periods with a consequent lower weight loss.

The sugar allows the dough to bind quickly, in this way you can slice the products even with a reduced seasoning, the final result is a product that tends to be gummy in the mouth, without the sugars produced with short maturation tend to crumble during the 'slicing.

Our company since 1968 follows the same production method, carefully selecting the best 100% Italian heavy pigs, using only spices and natural plants, bagging their most traditional cured meats only with natural casings and following a slow and traditional seasoning for the maturation of their own cured meats with controlled aging environments that also interact with the micro-climate of our valley.

Since 1968 only the structure of our company has changed, but not the passion, tradition and quality that we put in our. cured meat; these are the values ​​that have been transmitted to us and which we want to pass on to future generations.

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