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Mallow tea and lemon balm, ideal to consume both hot and cold to help your body feel more in harmony and relaxed. Italian artisan product.

Packaging: 50g or 60g in the "Recyclable Jar" format

Ingredients: mallow and lemon balm

Beneficial properties *:

-the lemon balm has relaxing properties, it is an antiviral and neurotonic;

-the mallow is an anti-inflammatory for the mucous membranes, it removes water from the inflamed tissues, reduces constipation and has diuretic effect;

How to use: put a spoon (3g) in 125 ml of water and let it infuse for 5-7 minutes, filter and consume as it is or sweetened to taste.

Storage: store in a cool and dry place away from heat sources. the expiry date is indicated on the package.

* The information shown refers to the intrinsic properties of each ingredient and should not replace any medical treatment

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