Chives in a freshness pack. Creativity and natural flavor in the kitchen for refined dishes in all seasons.

Package: 30g

Ingredients: 100% chives

How to use: use as desired and according to your imagination, on all your dishes.

Pairings: season omelettes, pasta, salads, sauces, dishes based on fish and seafood, soups and creams.

Beneficial properties *: Chive is a property rich food. The presence of vitamins, especially C and group B, stand out, as well as mineral salts including calcium, magnesium, iron and fibers useful for the well-being of the intestine. This herb also has natural laxative properties and is considered useful to keep the kidneys healthy, given its purifying and diuretic properties. Also beneficial for the heart, the chives have cardiotonic properties, stimulates blood circulation and for this reason it would seem to have also aphrodisiac qualities. It is then an excellent plant to stimulate the production of gastric juices and therefore the appetite in those who are scarce. Among its active ingredients there is also glycolic acid, flavonoids and other substances with antioxidant power.

* The information shown refers to the intrinsic properties of each ingredient and should not replace any medical treatment

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