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31049 is the Postcode in the municipality of Valdobbiadene, but it is also the code that distinguishes this product, a sparkling wine made from Glera grapes selected by Attilio Mionetto. ORGANOLEPTIC PROFILE: The floral bouquet, the hints of pear and apple, slightly aromatic, with a long and enveloping aftertaste is ideal for an easy drink. Its unmistakable scents make this wine an excellent ambassador of Made in Italy is the version that combines the varietal aromaticity with the flavor of the Precious Bubbles. GRAPE VARIETIES AND CULTIVATION: Glera is a white grape variety. It has hazel-colored shoots and produces large, long bunches with golden-yellow berries. HARVEST: The grapes are harvested by hand. VINIFICATION: The vinification, in white, is started with selected yeasts. The activity of the yeasts (fermentation) lasts about 15/20 days at a temperature not higher than 18 ° C. After the fermentation the maturation period begins, where the operations are carried out transfer and filtration to obtain the clear wine. The sparkling wine, Italian method or Martinotti, takes place in large pressure-tight containers, autoclaves. It is here that the wine, thanks to the second fermentation, acquires the Preziose Bollicine. SPARKLING METHOD: Italian method or Martinotti. COLOR: Straw yellow and persistent perlage TECHNICAL NOTES: Alcohol 11% Vol. Pressure 5 bar at 20 ° C. - TOTAL ACIDITY: 5,8 - SUGARS: 15g / l Contains sulphites BOTTLE: Green Champagnotta lt 0,75 BOTTLE MEASURES: Weight kg 1,340 - Height 315 mm - Ø mm 92 PACKAGE: Box 6 pcs - DIMENSIONS mm 285 x 195 x 325. - Weight: kg 9.00 Pallets: 80 bottles (5 rows) SERVICE NOTES: Serve 4-6 ° With a narrow-rimmed and elongated glass to close towards the mouthpiece. GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS: It is a sparkling wine that can accompany a wide gastronomic range, from appetizers to hors d'oeuvres, from first courses, even structured, to second courses of white meats or fish. Particularly suitable for crustaceans. HOW TO INDICATE IN THE WINE PAPER: 31049 Extra Dry sparkling wine MIO 'by Attilio Mionetto

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