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The Caciocavallo

it is a typical cheese of Southern Italy, produced with cow's milk, of semi-hard consistency, oval or conical, and a smooth and shiny surface.
The seasoning is variable, while the taste fluctuates between the sweet of the average seasoning and the spicy of the advanced seasoning.
A variant of the caciocavallo widespread and known is the smoked caciocavallo, subjected to smoking, which makes its characteristic and bitter taste.

Known since the time of Magna Graecia, the production of caciocavallo is very old, as is its very particular name.
The etymology of the word "caciocavallo" derives from the typical maturing technique of this cheese, which is usually tied in pairs to "horse" of a horizontally placed stick.
The caciocavallo lends itself to multiple uses and consumption: it can be used grated or fused fresh or seasoned.
It is also used in the preparation of stuffed pasta, parmigiana and pies.

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