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Raw ham made from selected PGI Mantuan pigs, salted / doped according to Garfagnina tradition. Minimum seasoning 18 months.

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Approximately 10,000 kg and about 12,000 kg

The name Bazzone derives from the particularly elongated shape and with a distance between the bone and the lower part that varies from twelve to eighteen centimeters; this characteristic reminds the "bazzo", a word used in the local dialect to indicate a very pronounced chin. The tradition of producing Bazzone ham is rooted in the mountain territories of the Middle Valle del Serchio and Garfagnana since the late 1800s when local pigs were bred with a typical gray coat, in a semi-wild state and cured meats were produced. proteins for large families. It is in order not to interrupt the rural tradition of the area and satisfy all the consumers that the Antica Norcineria has introduced in the market the Bazzone Selection Ham, obtained from selected PGI and PGI salted / doped pork legs just like the prestigious Bazzone Slow Food Presidium it is a more expensive ham destined for a market niche.
Ideal accompaniment, a good potato bread and young red wine.
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