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Delicate salami, it is eaten in very thin slices laid on freshly heated or freshly toasted bread.
Slice about 1 KG under vacuum

It is obtained from heavy pigs with a minimum weight of 180 KG.After slaughtering takes the fat layer of the back of the pig and cut it at the Pancetta and cleans off the fattest part, called sugnosa, obtaining large slices of lard high at least 10 cm. which are then carefully trimmed and processed in a particular way, the result of ancient tradition and centuries of experience. The basins where they are placed are vigorously rubbed with garlic and herbs, then a first piece of lard is laid on the bottom, on a layer of natural sea salt in grains, freshly ground black pepper, peeled fresh garlic, rosemary and chopped sage. The bowl is then filled in layers, always alternating the lard with salt and aromas. The lard thus remains in the hollow for at least two months for the minimum seasoning. At the end the lard comes out dried by salt, perfumed and flavored with aromas. The spices and aromatic herbs, which give the particular aroma and flavor are cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, cloves, star anise, oregano and sage.
Slice about 1 KG under vacuum

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