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Salami with an intense, very fragrant taste, typical of the Middle Valle del Serchio and Garfagnana.
Weight of 1 Kg approx

It is presented as a round, semi-spherical loaf of dark brown color. The meat used for its production comes from farms of small local farms and for the remaining part from pigs of national origin. The Biroldo's processing is guaranteed by the Slow Food regulation which requires that the head of the pig, the heart, the tongue, the pork rind and the lung be cooked in a boiler for about three hours. After boning the head, all the boiled meat is cut into small pieces and amalgamated with squares of lard, blood, salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and cloves. Manually the bagging takes place in the bladder or in the stomach (pocket) of the pig which is then sewn and placed to boil for another three hours in the broth where the meat was previously cooked. The Biroldo is then placed on a shelf and left to cool in the air in order to facilitate draining and fat loss. The cured meat is naturally free of preservatives, color stabilizers and thickeners and the inhabitants of the past used it cold, cut with a knife and accompanied by the typical potato bread of the area or from the neccio polenta made with chestnut flour.
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