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Very thin sliced ​​carpaccio

It is used both as an appetizer and as a main course.
It comes from an old tradition of preservation of beef and is presented with the outer surface slightly and not uniformly covered with grains of black pepper and various spices. When cut, its consistency is semi-seasoned and its color is generally more or less intense in red.
Cut about 1 kg under vacuum.

Pozza beef is produced with meat from adult cattle; the parts of the animal used are mainly the thigh or the best part of the shoulder from which pieces of meat weighing between two and four kilograms are taken. The pieces of meat after being cleaned of any excess fats are placed in tanks. The positioning in the pools is alternated, until complete filling, a layer of meat and a layer of pasta composed of salt, pepper, cinnamon, bay leaf, rosemary and other mountain herbs; finally, the pools are placed for about thirty days in cold rooms with humidity of 65-75% and temperatures of 4-7 degrees. After a few days a brine is formed which completely covers the meat. After about fifteen days, the layers of the meat are inverted, ie the pieces placed on the bottom of the tank are placed above and vice versa, the quality of the brine is checked and the necessary adjustments are made according to the experience and professionalism of the pig. After another fifteen days the pieces of meat are removed from the tanks, washed with water to remove the excess of brine, covered with a light pepper shirt and vacuum-packed.
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