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Sweet Muscat

  • Brands Spumante
  • Product Code: Moscato Dolce
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RENOIR - Sweet Muscat

The particular processing of this precious product, obtained starting from the unfermented must, rather than from the wine as it happens for the normal types of spumante, allows the perfect preservation of the characteristic aroma and freshness typical of the vine of origin. Color: pale straw yellow; perfume: delicately fruity; flavor: sweet with a lot of balance, fresh. It should be consumed young and served at a temperature of 6 ° -8 ° C.

Grape variety: Moscato

Vinification: Soft pressing of the grapes harvested by hand with consequent refrigeration of the must to prevent fermentation and storage in cold storage at - 2 ° C awaiting subsequent processing. The must is then moved into autoclaves and fermented until it reaches 6.5 ° alcohol and 4 bars of overpressure.

Aging: Steel tanks

Pairings: It goes perfectly with desserts, but also with some savory and full-bodied cheeses. It is also suitable as an aperitif, with ham and melon snacks and in summer it is an excellent thirst quencher.

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