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Azienda giovane e dinamica, condotta dagli eredi Fardella, trae le sue origini dal nobile casato dei Baroni Fardella della Ripa di cui vi è menzione storica nel territorio isolano a partire dal XV secolo.

Nero d’Avola D.O.C.

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The Nero d'Avola

Type of Wine: Red
Production Area: Western Sicily, Povincia di Trapani;
Classification: D.O.C .;
Grapes: Nero d'Avola 100%;
Harvest time: First ten days of September;
Vinification: Traditional maceration on the skins for 8-10 days in thermo-controlled stainless steel vats;
Maturation period: 8 months in cement tanks and then in the bottle;
Color: Ruby red with garnet reflections;
Aroma: Of persistent fruit;
Taste: Balanced, with hints of spices and vanilla;
Alcohol content: 13.5% Vol.
Serving temperature: 18 ° -20 ° C.
Pairing: Accompanies red meats, cold cuts and aged cheeses

Description Nero d'Avola is a red wine produced in the whole territory of Sicily, from the homonymous vine. Currently Nero d’Avola no longer exists as an autonomous Denomination, but can be included in the labels of wines that are produced with grapes of the eponymous vine. These wines are listed in the Category: DOC and DOCG Wines produced with Nero d'Avola grapes, to which we refer. Its commercialization on an industrial scale dates back to the early sixties of the last century. It is considered a cutting wine, given its high alcohol content, which easily reaches 15 degrees. Despite this, some Sicilian companies decided to make a table wine with new winemaking techniques more responsive to market needs which included a decrease in sugar content and an increase in acidity. Since then it has also been cultivated outside Sicily and Italy, for example in California and Australia. The most suitable area for the Nero d'Avola is the area south-east of Sicily included in the territories of Noto and Pachino, with the districts of Buonivini, Bufalefi, Maccari, Archi. In this area in the last ten years there has been a real boom of new companies, also coming from outside Sicily, which have invested in the planting of new vineyards.

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