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Author- Andreina Giorgia Carpenito
Tecnica- Glass paste, fabric, PVC mosaic
Dimensions - cm 180x60x60

The work dedicated to MADRE NATURA describes with thousands of glass tesserae the greatness of the mother of every "time" that protects her children keeping them away from the wickedness of the man who forgets the greatness of the one who has hosted it for thousands of years.

The right part describes the evil on the left side and the part on the right side of the heart, the tesserae on both sides are arranged in the opposite direction.

The base houses the debris of the war and the men killed by the war.

Andreina Giorgia Carpenito is the author of what is currently considered the largest mosaic in Europe, which will become the largest in the world dedicated to the "Vision of Ezekiel", located in the Church of the Holy Spirit of Indicatore, Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy, where the artist has worked for over twenty years in the redevelopment of the religious building, with large works. In 2013 he developed a social artistic project, housing inclusion projects, scholastic internships, Erasmus and Leonardo projects, artists and mosaicists from around the world who are helping to finish the work. All this through art.

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