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Italy is one of the major producers of fine wines particularly well known and appreciated in the world. The best Italian wines are divided into DOCG, DOC and IGT and are differentiated by geographical area and type of grape used during production.
All Italian regions, thanks to the plurality of climates and the ever-changing territorial orography, can still boast noteworthy wine productions, with peaks of excellence for each of them.

The denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin, known by the abbreviation DOCG, is an Italian brand that indicates to the consumer the geographical origin of a wine.
The DOCG are reserved for wines already recognized as DOC for at least ten years and considered of particular value. A value that is shown in relation to the intrinsic qualitative characteristics compared to the average of those of similar wines so classified, due to the impact of traditional natural, human and historical factors and which have gained notoriety and commercial valorization at national and international level.

Cantina Odoni

Cantina odoni

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Cantina OdoniIn 2009 as the last piece of a journeycreated and handed down from father to son by generations of farmers, peoplesimple, which with sacrifice and love for our land, has come tonowadays renewed but always with the authenticity of the past. ...