White wine IGT

The IGT denomination

The typical geographical indication

better known with the acronym IGT, it is the third of the five wine classifications implemented in Italy; indicates wines produced in generally large areas but according to the specified requirements

The basic requirements for the recognition of an IGT wine are reserved for wines whose production takes place in the respective geographical indication, the grapes from which it is obtained come for at least 85% exclusively from this geographical area, with the organoleptic characteristics indicated. The requirements are less restrictive than those required for wines with denomination of controlled origin (DOC).

The IGT is important as it is the first step (of the pyramid) that separates the wine without indication (generic) from the wine with indication.

Since 2010 the IGT classification has been included in the community PGI category (as well as the DOCG and DOC in the DOP).

This category includes wines produced in certain regions or geographical areas (authorized by law), according to a production regulation; in addition to the indication of the color, they can also indicate on the label the indication of the grape variety used and the year of harvest of the grapes.

White wine IGT

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