Rosé wine

Rosé wines

they are born from red grapes, which are vinified with a few hours contact of the skins with the must.
A short time that serves precisely to allow the skins to release a little color, tannins (very few) and aromas in the must.

When and how to drink Rosé

It is the Mediterranean wine par excellence, with a strong restorative power on hot summer days, but now seasonally adjusted and adapted to a thousand uses during the year. Indeed, he likes it for its adaptability to many situations and versatility in the kitchen.

It should be served cool, usually around 10 ° -12 ° C, so that it can express all its aromas and give soft and round sensations in the mouth.

What do you match it with? Almost with everything! Rosé wines are excellent aperitifs, an obvious match with cold cuts; with sushi it is a must; but try them with a soup or a fried fish; with any first, it is the king of summer cold dishes. Perfect for chicken and veal tonnato salads; the roundness and softness make it the ideal companion for many spices, especially Curry!

Rosé wine

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